Sports & Fitness

Newtone Health and Fitness Center

• Worked well with owner and contractors through several changes to the project during the construction phase.
• Tecton created the conceptual budget outline which the building owner used to get financing.
• Managed design and detailing to keep the exterior renovation, interior renovation, and pool building addition on budget.
• Completed the locker room renovation while the facility stayed open.

McAllister Recreation Center

Remodel Creates Multi-Functional, Income Generating Building for Only $57.29 / Sq Ft, Including Soft Costs

Renovation of a 75-year old, 21,000 square foot recreation center. Demolition and remodel of existing interior rooms, which included new walls, plumbing fixtures, lighting, doors and hardware and bathroom partitions.

The owner originally wanted to repair the heating system. Tecton replaced the non-functional heating system with new, modern, and efficient heating system plus added central air conditioning, all for less than the cost of repairing the old, inefficient system. Tecton added new electrical and lighting service, and completely remodeled restroom facilities.

The McAlister Center now includes exercise mezzanine in gym, ceramic tile in main corridors, new oak finish on arched ceiling, two lighted, faux skylights in main corridor imitating original skylights; new wood doors that replicate the originals.

Tecton created a use for the unused bleachers by adding a mezzanine with a free weight area in the gym space. These changes resulted in reduced management need, and reduced noise in the rest of the building.

Outside the building, the property was improved with new sidewalks, landscaping, widened entry drive and refinished parking lot.

International Sports Complex Retail Shops

Total remodel of 26,000 square foot retail space into Sports Complex with pool, racquetball court, sauna, steam room etc. Project also included all new facade.

The retail space houses a variety of retail and service shops, which are connected to the sports facility by a common area.

CAT Park and Soccer Fields

Addition to existing soccer complex of a block building housing a concession stand, grounds storage space and men’s and women’s restrooms.

Existing parking area expanded; 80 new parking spaces and new entrance drive added.

Rossville Track and Tennis Courts

Tecton Creativity Makes Track & Court Remodel Affordable

The facility owners believed that the whole complex would need to be demolished before the rebuild could begin. That placed the project beyond affordability.

Tecton developed a long-term replacement / repair strategy for both the track and the tennis courts, providing a solution within the community’s budget.

Boys and Girls Club

Great Skates

Interior alterations to existing warehouse to accommodate roller skating rink

Central Catholic Dugouts

West Lafayette Pool

Remodel pool house, change layout of restrooms, new finishes. Exterior work to accommodate changes and addition of decorative parapet.

Carroll County YMCA Cardio Fitness Center

Western School Gymnasium and Pool

Rossville High School Athletic Complex

Construction of a new concession stand, bleacher section and press box along with upgrades to site utilities and parking lots.

Hanging Rock Christian Assembly Leadership Center

Tecton Filtering™ Made “Reserve Funds” Unnecessary

Due to past experience, the Pastor kept monies in reserve from this project for unforseen costs and previous failures of general contractors to stay within budget.

Tecton delivered the new 10,000 square foot Leadership Center on time, and under budget. We saved money on the budgeted construction, and never needed the reserve funds.

• The Leadership Center is a multi-purpose facility/gym with an additional 3,900 square foot ready for 2nd floor classroom expansions.
• The Center is connected to an existing dining hall via pedestrian walkway.
• Local Contractors were heavily used in this project.

Buccaneer Bay Indoor Water Park

Tecton Saves Buccaneer Bay Indoor Water Park $200,000

Tecton’s Attention to Detail Avoids Thousands in Cost Overruns

Tecton caught a major elevation issue in the drawings prior to ordering the structural steel, saving the owner extensive revisions and thousands of dollars in additional construction costs.

After initial bidding, was able to reduce the budget by another $200,000.