Clinton Central Schools

Tecton Filtering ™ Saved Clinton Central Schools $2,000,000!

View the photos to see for yourself the high quality of construction that Tecton Filtering ™ delivered to Clinton Central High School and Grade School, for only $36.18 PER SQUARE FOOT.

Renovation of both Buildings for Clinton Central School District included:

• This project originally (under a different construction management company) was bid $700,000 over budget, and was cancelled by the School Board.• Tecton revised drawings, modified details and applied Tecton Filtering™ bidding process to find $700,000 in savings and get the project within budget.• The look of the building didn’t change through the Filtering process.
• Major overhaul and replacement of every HVAC building system and plumbing fixture for both buildings
• Total renovation of locker rooms for both the High School Gym #1 and the Elementary School
• Addition of new lunch room (approx. 4,000 sf), kitchen expansion and dish room relocation in Elementary
• Minor structural repairs, window replacements and bathroom upgrades for both buildings
• The 2 story High School classroom window wall was replaced
• Repair/replacement of casework, doors and hardware in both buildings
• Upgrade of miscellaneous finishes throughout both buildings
• All new lighting, new ceilings, new flooring and paint in classrooms and hallways
• Concrete sidewalk replacement
• Exterior tuckpointing and caulking of entire school
• Electric panel upgrade
• Project was completed two week early allowing more move-in time before the start of school.

John Sloggett, Principial, Clinton Central Elementary School

Brent Kaufman, Interim Superintendent, Clinton Central Schools

Western Schools

Tecton Filtering ™ SAVED $1.3 MILLION for Western Schools!

These additions / renovations were completed for as little as $22 per square foot!

• The original design concept was estimated at $1.3 million over budget. Tecton Filtering reduced costs to within budget.
• No classroom, educational space, or major elements were eliminated for budgetary reasons.
• Tecton diagnosed chronic heating and cooling problems during pre-project evaluation, then engineered and implemented fixes – all within budget.
• The addition / renovation of the Elementary School cost 36 percent less than DLGF’s construction guidelines (Department of Local Government Finance).
• The 2 story High School Labratory addition cost 38 percent below DLGF’s construction guidelines (Department of Local Government Finance).
• The old laboratory wing and corridors were rennovated for $22 per square foot!

• The existing 2nd floor labs and classrooms were renovated.
• Drywall finishes over precast panels were added to the stair towers, along with the installation of ceiling grid, tile, and lighting.
• Additional sidewalks, paths, and handicapped ramps were added throughout the campus.
• Existing corridor walls at the High School main office were resurfaced.
• New paint, ceiling, and lights, plus grading, topsoil, and seeding in “Area A.”
• New doors and hardware were added to “Area B.”
• Additional gas lines, 32 gas turrets, and a mop sink were added to “Area C.”
• New fiber optic cable was added between primary and intermediate schoos, additional power was added in the kindergarten wing, and new lab casework was added for expanded phone, data, and power.

There was NO INTERRUPTION OF SCHOOL in the completion of this project.

Frankfort Administration Building

By Eliminating $700,000 in Costs, Tecton Filtering ™ Made the New Frankfort Administration Building Possible

Tecton Filtering ™ ELIMINATED 31.8 PERCENT OF THE COST for Community Schools of Frankfort. Choose any of these links to see the details.

An abandoned car dealership facility was completely renovated into the new Administrative Building for Community Schools of Frankfort.

The building now contains:
• The school Administrative Offices
• Community rooms
• Class rooms
• Board room
• Shop Specialty room
• Separate Student Entrance
• All new Parking Lot
• Site Improvements
• New Building Exterior

Don DeWeese, Assistant Superintendent, Frankfort Schools

Jim Hanna, Superintendent, Rossville Consolidated School District

Rossville Schools

Rossville’s New Cafeteria: On Time, Under Budget, and no Disruption of Classes, thanks to Tecton Filtering ™

Rossville Consolidated School District has 24 Restrooms and a New Cafeteria made affordable by Tecton Filtering ™.

The Rossville Cafeteria:
• Started with a conceptual estimate using Rossville’s needs assessment.• Included Cafeteria addition / renovation.• Included renovation of 24 restrooms• Was designed, bid, and completed all within budget.
• Entire project was completed within 11 weeks.
• $20,000 in savings will fund additional projects for 2012.

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