Tecton Saved $400,000 on Construction of the La-Z-Boy Furniture Store

Construction of an 18,000 square foot furniture store with an 18,000 square foot unfinished basement completed in less than six months

Tecton Innovation Now Standard on ALL La-Z-Boy Projects

Tecton created a new radius bulkhead detail that La-Z-Boy now specifies on all their corporate construction.
• Included on the main floor is finished space set up for different types of furniture.
• The basement consists of primarily unfinished space for furniture storage.
• First building in area to build complete basement with pre-cast concrete panels.
• Tecton employed custom water proofing and water pumping system to keep basement 100% dry from day one. • Set roof with temporary steel so when precast panels were installed, roof was already complete at no additional cost to owner.

“Tecton’s system is so well coordinated there would be three crews working, but not working over each other. Everything got done on time, got done quickly, got done well. “

Michael Kaplan, Owner
Lafayette La-Z-Boy

International Sports Complex Retail Shops

Total remodel of 26,000 square foot retail space into Sports Complex with pool, racquetball court, sauna, steam room etc. Project also included all new facade.

The retail space houses a variety of retail and service shops, which are connected to the sports facility by a common area.

River Market

Construction of a four-story building. The first floor contains approximately 20,000 square feet of retail rental space and approximately 23,000 square feet of apartments.

The second, third and fourth floors (45,000 square feet each) contain apartments. There are a total of 216 two-bedroom apartments in the building.

Concord Plaza

New 17,500 square foot L-Shaped strip mall building shell for retail stores.

Brindon Plaza

Complete exterior sitework, paving and landscaping. Complete finish of a strip retail complex with pre-engineered building at its foundation.

Henry Poor Storage

Renovation of old farm supply building into retail office and storage space. New facade, parking lot and storage lot.

The interior was demolished and completely remodeled. Three storage buildings also built.

Purdue West Shopping Center

Retail building shell with allowances for tenant fit-out.

I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt!

Arth Drugs

Loy Car Wash

Stucky Car Wash