Tecton Construction: Deep Medical Office and Clinic Experience

Our medical experience runs very deep at Tecton. We have built numerous medical projects including: clinics, surgery centers, medical office suites and even hospital projects. Nothing in the medical arena is outside of our expertise.

We have an example of a medical clinic Tecton designed and built in which we saved an Owner over $720,000 from what a competitor charged for a similar project. We are proud to say that we are very comfortable in this market sector.

Tecton Gutted and Rebuilt a 30,000 Sq Ft Wabash Valley Alliance Facility Without Interrupting Patient Services.

We did a remodel downtown at 610 Main Street. That was the one that took 11 months. It was done after hours and we stayed open the whole time, but we did some pretty significant major reconstruction within that building.

Tecton manages the job very effectively, very efficiently and strives to protect you as the owner.

They do a very good job of managing the budget. They come in under budget.

– Rick Crawley, CEO
Wabash Valley Alliance

Tecton Saved Louck Family Medical Center $70,000 Before Construction Began.

We already had some ideas of how we wanted our building designed.Tecton told us, “This is where you’ll save money. If we do it this way, we can still give you all the things you want, and stay within your budget. And it doesn’t take away from the quality. It will make the building stand out more and make people notice.”

They opened our eyes to many different options.

- Kristen Louck, Co-Owner
Louck Family Medical Center

Tecton Completed Construction of Greater Lafayette Foot Care on Time, Even With Last Minute Changes.

We had a surprise when we found that one of the sinks in the drawings did not exist. We didn’t realize it until we actually got into the space and spent some time there.With only five days to opening, Tecton got in there and got that sink installed. They had to go into my neighbor below’s space for access. They had to work at night so it didn’t disrupt my fellow physicians in the office.

Not only were we on time, we stayed on budget.

- Dr. William Oliver, Owner
Greater Lafayette Foot Care

Casada Center Completed $400,000 Under Budget

The Cascada Center is a new, two-story medical office complex.

Tecton created a new mechanical flashing detail to help shed water and prevent its infiltration around the aluminum windows.

“The way Tecton designed it saved us $100,000 on our glass staircase alone.

“Tecton came at our project from a practical construction standpoint, and the architect from a design and flashy standpoint. We got cost savings and practicality along with design and flare.”

Stuart Boehning, Owner
Cascada Center

Lafayette Orthopaedic Clinic Completely Remodeled With No Interruption of Service to Patients.

“We had to do business while we were remodeling the whole first floor of the practice. Our biggest concern was to not interrupt patient care, comfort, and privacy.

“Every morning when we came in you’d never know they were there, other than something new had been accomplished. Everything was spotless, all cleaned up and put back where it needed to be. They did what they needed to do evenings and weekends. It never affected business.”

Doree Dunfee, Former Practice Administrator
“This was a project that myself and my six partners were dreading and had actually delayed for several years, because we had visions of people maneuvering through a construction site."

“Tecton worked odd hours to accommodate our busy practice. It was almost like little elves came in at night, did the work and left it as clean as it was the next day.”

Dr. Mark Page

Wabash Valley, Attica

New construction of wood frame single-story 3,000SF structure with multiple rooms and offices.

Wabash Valley, Delphi

The new 3,200SF, single-story facility consists of waiting rooms, workrooms and offices. A unique feature of this facility is a storm room near the staff work area. This room doubles as a file storage area, as well as a storm protection room for the staff and patients.

Wabash Valley Alliance – Medical Arts Building

Architect’s proposal for new waiting area and entry was considerably more expensive than the owner had budgeted. Tecton worked with the owner and sub contractors to deliver the owner’s vision at an affordable cost.

Wabash Valley Alliance – Otterbein

• Soil at site was unable to support the structure. Standard treatment for such situations is digging nine feet below the entire building, and hauling replacement material with greater bearing capacity to fill back in.
• Tecton’s innovative solution was to remove the bad surface soil, and treat the remaining earth with lime.
• This process saved considerable time and money.

Tecton Completes 12,000 Sq Ft Clarian Arnett Health Sleep Center in 60 Days

Even with this unheard of aggressive schedule, the project came in under budget.