Houses of Worship

Trinity United Methodist Church

Three-Quarters of A Million Dollars in the Original HVAC Bid, and It Still Wouldn’t Have Made Code.

By replacing the 45-year-old boiler / radiator system with a combination of heated water and forced air, Tecton provided greater comfort, operating efficiency, and a savings of $100,000 on the installation.

Those cost savings were applied to:
• Remodeled Basement
• New Kitchen

• New Bathrooms
And the greater efficiency provides for lower ongoing operating costs.

Stockwell United Methodist Church

Blending New Construction Into an Established Design

The new sanctuary and office building, which needed to be matched to 10-year-old previous construction at two different heights.

Tecton suggested minor design changes to the architect to add an inlaid brick cross to an empty wall.

This project is:
• Under budget by $250,000
• Ahead of schedule

Temple Israel

Through All Additions and Renovations, Services Continued Every Weekend
Renovation of existing facility. Addition to existing facility. Addition of entrance canopy.

• The new addition was masked into the original building design, so that the casual observer can’t tell there has been an addition.
• On the initial walk through (before Tecton was hired), we spotted and corrected a chronic HVAC problem that had vexed the congregation for decades.
• Tecton imported a specialty masonry product that has superior fire rating, insulation and acoustic characteristics for use in the Temple Israel project. This product, called AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete), is a precast masonry product which is used in wall, floor, and roof system construction. It’s well-known in Europe but new to America. Tecton pioneered it’s use in this area.
• New design and framing roof details also solved original design and construction problems which allowed roof leaks and water penetration. This was accomplished by innovative structural framing details that did NOT require full remodel of existing roof system and saved tens of thousands of dollars.


Temple Baptist Church

Tecton Saved Temple Baptist $1,000,000 in Construction of an 8,800 Square Foot Sanctuary with Mezzanine Addition
and we were still able to provide this beautiful sanctuary. On time, and within budget.

• The original project (under a different construction management company) was projecting well in excess of $1,000,000 over budget.
• Tecton accepted the project, and identified several existing building critical conditions that were not structurally sound. The existing building became part of the scope of the project to resolve those issues before construction could begin.
• Tecton recast total project concept and orchestrated structural repairs to all come within established project budget.
• Tecton designed and delivered a sump pump system which operates “below grade.”

We’re proud of the relationship Tecton has built with Temple Baptist, despite several negative experiences the Baptist congregation had with other construction companies. Six years later they still contact us for advice and guidance.

St. Lawrence Parish

A new 9,000 square foot addition that included a gathering area, social hall, and full industrial kitchen. A 9,000 square foot basement was also added. In addition, a custom brick exterior was designed to mimic the adjacent church, inclusive of the bell tower.


Hanging Rock Christian Assembly Leadership Center

Tecton Filtering™ Made “Reserve Funds” Unnecessary
Due to past experience, the Pastor kept monies in reserve from this project for unforseen costs and previous failures of general contractors to stay within budget.

Tecton delivered the new 10,000 square foot Leadership Center on time, and under budget. We saved money on the budgeted construction, and never needed the reserve funds.

• The Leadership Center is a multi-purpose facility/gym with an additional 3,900 square foot ready for 2nd floor classroom expansions.

• The Center is connected to an existing dining hall via pedestrian walkway.

• Local Contractors were heavily used in this project.

Covenant Presbyterian Church

Installation of new elevator in the existing elevator shaft. Included on the first floor are revisions required for completing the elevator lobbies on both first floor levels. New corridor was created in basement to the elevator through existing storage closets. If you’re an avid casino player, you’re probably familiar with the traditional slot machines. They come with 3 reels which provide payout once you get 3 similar symbols all lined up in the middle