Δ Τ Δ – Delta Tau Delta

21,500 Square Foot Complete Interior Renovation.

The money Tecton saved on this project allowed for the purchase of new furniture in all the student study rooms.

While Respecting the Heritage of the House, the New Interior is Completely Modern.

The Gamma Lambda Chapter was chartered in 1907, and until 1929 occupied a house on Vine Street.

The current Delt house on Northwestern Avenue, a beautiful facility, has aged gracefully. As you might imagine, though, after 75 years some corrective maintenance was required.

As with every interior remodel, Tecton is careful to work updates into the original design.

The new exterior doors blend blend seamlessly with the classic exterior construction.

The new interior walls, doors, and portals have been updated with contemporary electrical service, internet connections, and video wiring.

The dorm rooms, showers, student kitchen, and cafeteria are completely modern and comfortable.

Tecton installed a cutting edge VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) heating and air conditioning system, which offers higher efficiency ratings and solved limited space requirements, when compared to a conventional ducted split system.
Remodel includes all new:

• Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
• Sprinklers, Water Lines
• New Plumbing Fixtures
• New Electrical Service
• Heating & Air Conditioning
• Data / Networking
• Fire / Security
• Flooring
• Windows
• Doors / Hardware
• Complete Bathroom Upgrades
• Interior Framing
• Drywall
• Ceilings
• Paint

Ά Γ Δ – Alpha Gamma Delta

The renovation of Alpha Gamma Delta is notable for two reasons:
First, as always Tecton is careful to match replacement brick and stone to the original. Most people are unable to distinguish the replacement materials.

But second, Alpha Gamma Delta has for years fought a perennial issue of moisture in the basement. In the course of our work, Tecton isolated the issue and corrected the problem.

Κ Κ Γ – Kappa Kappa Gamma

6,000 Square Foot Addition with three floors of expansion.

The new addition to the Kappa Kappa Gamma house is three floors, with 2,000 feet of student rooms, common areas, and study areas on each floor.

Tecton is known for matching the original exterior brick and stone, but for this project we had to find a synthetic product to match the original Ross Stone, which had been manufactured locally at the Rostone plant.

We’re proud to have found a perfect match for the original decor.

Δ Χ – Delta Chi

Updated Air and Fire Protection

Building Renovation for Safety and Aesthetics

The Delta Chi house needed a new air conditioning system, and fire protection system. Tecton researched total house for most inconspicuous locations for new duct work and sprinkler lines, and successfully hid them.
We found innovative ways to locate the new mechanical equipment for the new air conditioning system.

  • The front entry and kitchen serving area have been completely remodeled.
  • We employed unique new highly durable products such as high impact drywall, rockcarpet flooring and Trespa counter tops
  • We finished the project with new carpet and paint over the entire interior.
  • All work was done during summer break with no disruption of student occupancy.
  • Project savings were returned to Owner.
  • Δ Δ Δ – Delta Delta Delta

    Α Γ Ρ – Alpha Gamma Rho

    Θ Ξ – Theta Xi

    Θ Τ – Theta Tau

    Σ Χ – Sigma Chi

    Φ Κ Ψ – Phi Kappa Psi

    Φ Δ Θ – Phi Delta Theta

    Β Σ Ψ – Beta Sigma Psi