Financial Institutions

Glass Pyramid Removal Time Lapse

Purdue Federal Credit Union - Win Hentschel Location

Farmers and Merchant's Bank

This new facility is the first construction by Farmers and Merchants Bank in the last three decades. Extra care in the planning process ensured maximum value at every stage of construction.

Informed decision making has helped Farmers and Merchants Bank save tens of thousands of dollars on windows alone.

Those choices included:
• Decorative stone in high visibility areas.
• Less costly floor coverings in non-public areas.
• Window selection which balanced need for lighting with cost of construction.

Purdue Federal Credit Union Financial Mall

In nearly all cases, bank vaults are created first, and the structure is constructed around the vault. At PFCU Financial Mall Tecton assembled a safe deposit vault inside the existing lobby.

Seven new offices were built in the main area, along with a 12′ wall to separate the new office/meeting area with the existing bank foyer. Construction included new carpeting, suspended ceilings and drywall partitions. Fire alarm, fire sprinkler and HVAC controls were revised to accommodate the new room layout.

That was followed by renovation of PFCU’s large basement conference room and training room. A new server room and added storage in the basement finished the remodel.

Lafayette Savings Bank, Twyckenham

Our first project with Lafayette Savings Bank was the construction of their Twyckenham branch, which boasted a few firsts in local banking, all based around the new concept of “retail banking.”

Unlike the traditional “tellers on one side, wait your turn in line” design popular in previous centuries, the Twyckenham branch used banking kiosks in what used to be considered the lobby area. It was the first bank in the community to use video teller connections instead of the more traditional line-of-sight arrangement.

Lafayette Savings Bank, State Road 38 East

The success of Lafayette Savings Bank’s Twyckenham Branch influenced the Board of Directors to use Tecton’s services in the construction of the State Road 38 East branch.

We replicated their “signature design.”

Purdue Federal Credit Union, 26 Crossing

This facility has the distinction of being the first full construction/expansion of any banking facility on the East side of town. At the time of its construction it was considered a “breakout” design in what became known as progressive banking.

This facility utilizes video tellers within the lobby. The branch consists of a combination of structural steel, masonry and EIFS, while incorporating PFCU’s signature look of triangular skylights and windows.

Purdue Federal Credit Union, 350 South Branch

Tecton’s engagement at the 350 South Branch can be attributed to the success of the 26 Crossing construction.

As with all Tecton projects, both facilities were completed on time and under budget.

Lafayette Savings Bank, Greenbush

The Greenbush facility houses the main office of Lafayette Savings Bank. Tecton rennovated the lower level, repairing water leak problems.

We also created new offices in the basement “fit out.”

Bank One Plaza

At Bank One Plaza Tecton has supervised general remodeling, including specific repairs of the Parking Garage.