Clinton Central Schools

Tecton Filtering ™ Saved Clinton Central Schools $2,000,000!

View the photos to see for yourself the high quality of construction that Tecton Filtering ™ delivered to Clinton Central High School and Grade School, for only $36.18 PER SQUARE FOOT.

Renovation of both Buildings for Clinton Central School District included:

• This project originally (under a different construction management company) was bid $700,000 over budget, and was cancelled by the School Board.• Tecton revised drawings, modified details and applied Tecton Filtering™ bidding process to find $700,000 in savings and get the project within budget.• The look of the building didn’t change through the Filtering process.
• Major overhaul and replacement of every HVAC building system and plumbing fixture for both buildings
• Total renovation of locker rooms for both the High School Gym #1 and the Elementary School
• Addition of new lunch room (approx. 4,000 sf), kitchen expansion and dish room relocation in Elementary
• Minor structural repairs, window replacements and bathroom upgrades for both buildings
• The 2 story High School classroom window wall was replaced
• Repair/replacement of casework, doors and hardware in both buildings
• Upgrade of miscellaneous finishes throughout both buildings
• All new lighting, new ceilings, new flooring and paint in classrooms and hallways
• Concrete sidewalk replacement
• Exterior tuckpointing and caulking of entire school
• Electric panel upgrade
• Project was completed two week early allowing more move-in time before the start of school.

John Sloggett, Principial, Clinton Central Elementary School

Brent Kaufman, Interim Superintendent, Clinton Central Schools

Western Schools

Tecton Filtering ™ SAVED $1.3 MILLION for Western Schools!

These additions / renovations were completed for as little as $22 per square foot!

• The original design concept was estimated at $1.3 million over budget. Tecton Filtering reduced costs to within budget.
• No classroom, educational space, or major elements were eliminated for budgetary reasons.
• Tecton diagnosed chronic heating and cooling problems during pre-project evaluation, then engineered and implemented fixes – all within budget.
• The addition / renovation of the Elementary School cost 36 percent less than DLGF’s construction guidelines (Department of Local Government Finance).
• The 2 story High School Labratory addition cost 38 percent below DLGF’s construction guidelines (Department of Local Government Finance).
• The old laboratory wing and corridors were rennovated for $22 per square foot!

• The existing 2nd floor labs and classrooms were renovated.
• Drywall finishes over precast panels were added to the stair towers, along with the installation of ceiling grid, tile, and lighting.
• Additional sidewalks, paths, and handicapped ramps were added throughout the campus.
• Existing corridor walls at the High School main office were resurfaced.
• New paint, ceiling, and lights, plus grading, topsoil, and seeding in “Area A.”
• New doors and hardware were added to “Area B.”
• Additional gas lines, 32 gas turrets, and a mop sink were added to “Area C.”
• New fiber optic cable was added between primary and intermediate schoos, additional power was added in the kindergarten wing, and new lab casework was added for expanded phone, data, and power.

There was NO INTERRUPTION OF SCHOOL in the completion of this project.

Frankfort Administration Building

By Eliminating $700,000 in Costs, Tecton Filtering ™ Made the New Frankfort Administration Building Possible

Tecton Filtering ™ ELIMINATED 31.8 PERCENT OF THE COST for Community Schools of Frankfort. Choose any of these links to see the details.

An abandoned car dealership facility was completely renovated into the new Administrative Building for Community Schools of Frankfort.

The building now contains:
• The school Administrative Offices
• Community rooms
• Class rooms
• Board room
• Shop Specialty room
• Separate Student Entrance
• All new Parking Lot
• Site Improvements
• New Building Exterior

Don DeWeese, Assistant Superintendent, Frankfort Schools

Jim Hanna, Superintendent, Rossville Consolidated School District

Rossville Schools

Rossville’s New Cafeteria: On Time, Under Budget, and no Disruption of Classes, thanks to Tecton Filtering ™

Rossville Consolidated School District has 24 Restrooms and a New Cafeteria made affordable by Tecton Filtering ™.

The Rossville Cafeteria:
• Started with a conceptual estimate using Rossville’s needs assessment.• Included Cafeteria addition / renovation.• Included renovation of 24 restrooms• Was designed, bid, and completed all within budget.
• Entire project was completed within 11 weeks.
• $20,000 in savings will fund additional projects for 2012.

Central Catholic

Lafayette Jeff

Hard used field.




Tecton Saved $400,000 on Construction of the La-Z-Boy Furniture Store

Construction of an 18,000 square foot furniture store with an 18,000 square foot unfinished basement completed in less than six months

Tecton Innovation Now Standard on ALL La-Z-Boy Projects

Tecton created a new radius bulkhead detail that La-Z-Boy now specifies on all their corporate construction.
• Included on the main floor is finished space set up for different types of furniture.
• The basement consists of primarily unfinished space for furniture storage.
• First building in area to build complete basement with pre-cast concrete panels.
• Tecton employed custom water proofing and water pumping system to keep basement 100% dry from day one. • Set roof with temporary steel so when precast panels were installed, roof was already complete at no additional cost to owner.

“Tecton’s system is so well coordinated there would be three crews working, but not working over each other. Everything got done on time, got done quickly, got done well. “

Michael Kaplan, Owner
Lafayette La-Z-Boy

International Sports Complex Retail Shops

Total remodel of 26,000 square foot retail space into Sports Complex with pool, racquetball court, sauna, steam room etc. Project also included all new facade.

The retail space houses a variety of retail and service shops, which are connected to the sports facility by a common area.

River Market

Construction of a four-story building. The first floor contains approximately 20,000 square feet of retail rental space and approximately 23,000 square feet of apartments.

The second, third and fourth floors (45,000 square feet each) contain apartments. There are a total of 216 two-bedroom apartments in the building.

Concord Plaza

New 17,500 square foot L-Shaped strip mall building shell for retail stores.

Brindon Plaza

Complete exterior sitework, paving and landscaping. Complete finish of a strip retail complex with pre-engineered building at its foundation.

Henry Poor Storage

Renovation of old farm supply building into retail office and storage space. New facade, parking lot and storage lot.

The interior was demolished and completely remodeled. Three storage buildings also built.

Purdue West Shopping Center

Retail building shell with allowances for tenant fit-out.

I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt!

Arth Drugs

Loy Car Wash

Stucky Car Wash

Houses of Worship

Houses of Worship

Trinity United Methodist Church

Three-Quarters of A Million Dollars in the Original HVAC Bid, and It Still Wouldn’t Have Made Code.

By replacing the 45-year-old boiler / radiator system with a combination of heated water and forced air, Tecton provided greater comfort, operating efficiency, and a savings of $100,000 on the installation.

Those cost savings were applied to:
• Remodeled Basement
• New Kitchen

• New Bathrooms
And the greater efficiency provides for lower ongoing operating costs.

Stockwell United Methodist Church

Blending New Construction Into an Established Design

The new sanctuary and office building, which needed to be matched to 10-year-old previous construction at two different heights.

Tecton suggested minor design changes to the architect to add an inlaid brick cross to an empty wall.

This project is:
• Under budget by $250,000
• Ahead of schedule

Temple Israel

Through All Additions and Renovations, Services Continued Every Weekend
Renovation of existing facility. Addition to existing facility. Addition of entrance canopy.

• The new addition was masked into the original building design, so that the casual observer can’t tell there has been an addition.
• On the initial walk through (before Tecton was hired), we spotted and corrected a chronic HVAC problem that had vexed the congregation for decades.
• Tecton imported a specialty masonry product that has superior fire rating, insulation and acoustic characteristics for use in the Temple Israel project. This product, called AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete), is a precast masonry product which is used in wall, floor, and roof system construction. It’s well-known in Europe but new to America. Tecton pioneered it’s use in this area.
• New design and framing roof details also solved original design and construction problems which allowed roof leaks and water penetration. This was accomplished by innovative structural framing details that did NOT require full remodel of existing roof system and saved tens of thousands of dollars.


Temple Baptist Church

Tecton Saved Temple Baptist $1,000,000 in Construction of an 8,800 Square Foot Sanctuary with Mezzanine Addition
and we were still able to provide this beautiful sanctuary. On time, and within budget.

• The original project (under a different construction management company) was projecting well in excess of $1,000,000 over budget.
• Tecton accepted the project, and identified several existing building critical conditions that were not structurally sound. The existing building became part of the scope of the project to resolve those issues before construction could begin.
• Tecton recast total project concept and orchestrated structural repairs to all come within established project budget.
• Tecton designed and delivered a sump pump system which operates “below grade.”

We’re proud of the relationship Tecton has built with Temple Baptist, despite several negative experiences the Baptist congregation had with other construction companies. Six years later they still contact us for advice and guidance.

St. Lawrence Parish

A new 9,000 square foot addition that included a gathering area, social hall, and full industrial kitchen. A 9,000 square foot basement was also added. In addition, a custom brick exterior was designed to mimic the adjacent church, inclusive of the bell tower.


Hanging Rock Christian Assembly Leadership Center

Tecton Filtering™ Made “Reserve Funds” Unnecessary
Due to past experience, the Pastor kept monies in reserve from this project for unforseen costs and previous failures of general contractors to stay within budget.

Tecton delivered the new 10,000 square foot Leadership Center on time, and under budget. We saved money on the budgeted construction, and never needed the reserve funds.

• The Leadership Center is a multi-purpose facility/gym with an additional 3,900 square foot ready for 2nd floor classroom expansions.

• The Center is connected to an existing dining hall via pedestrian walkway.

• Local Contractors were heavily used in this project.

Covenant Presbyterian Church

Installation of new elevator in the existing elevator shaft. Included on the first floor are revisions required for completing the elevator lobbies on both first floor levels. New corridor was created in basement to the elevator through existing storage closets. If you’re an avid casino player, you’re probably familiar with the traditional slot machines. They come with 3 reels which provide payout once you get 3 similar symbols all lined up in the middle

Public Works

Public Works

Tecton Construction: Public Works Results that Voters Approve

Butler Fire Station

The Butler Fire Station Was Completed Ahead of Schedule and $57.40 per Square Foot Under Market Price

Construction of new 11,550SF fire station which includes space for fire department and training, an EMS Department and fire apparatus.

• Construction of the foundation could not begin until a structurally unsound soil condition was remediated.
• The Project was completed on time.
• The project was completed under budget, at 36% less than published industry average cost.
• New fire station serves a number of major industrial manufacturing facilities in this small, primarily farming community.

Lebanon Municipal Building

Tecton Created $630,000 in Cost Savings for Lebanon Municipal Building

Cutting Edge Underground Storm Water Retention System is a Tecton Innovation

• Able to work through entire winter by covering entire project with a circus tent.
• Project within 3.1 percent of Tecton’s original estimate.

Tippecanoe County Jail

1,500 square foot single-story addition to the Tippecanoe County Jail. Addition included new secure detention rooms, restroom, offices and a conference room.

Historic Sears Farmhouse in Prophetstown

Designed and managed construction of buildings associated with the Living History Farm. The main focus of the project was the 1920′s era Sears farm house, but also included the barn, various outbuildings and 2 separate restroom facilities.

Lafayette Fire Station No. 1

Outdated Fire Station Resurrected into Functional Fire Department Administration Central Office

Renovation of a 8,179 square foot building which serves as headquarters and offices of the Lafayette Fire Department and Lafayette Fire Prevention Department.

Morton Community Center

Demolition and remodel of existing interior rooms. Remodel included new walls, plumbing fixtures, lighting, doors and hardware and bathroom partitions.

Lebanon Police Station

Project completely gutted and expanded existing police station. Approximately half of 16,800 square foot existing space was renovated for its new use. A new 2-bay sallyport was also added to the building.

Celery Bog

The complete construction of the Celery Bog Nature Center building and entry drive and exterior concrete. The building is a wood structure with a rolling roof utilizing a modified bitumen roof system.

Rossville Fire Station

Community Delighted with Tecton – Hired Us for Four More Projects.

Construction of new fire station; 8,300 square foot metal building with office space, restrooms, kitchenette, radio room, laundry facilities and meeting room.

There were not adequate funds to go forward with this project until Tecton created a buy-out to finance it.

• Project completed on time and under budget.
• The budget savings was used by the firemen to expand the offices and finish out the new community and training rooms.

Tippecanoe County Courthouse

Tecton Innovation Saved $80,000 With Innovative Swinging Stage System

• Rather than building scaffolding to access lightning damaged Courthouse dome, Tecton created innovative swinging stage system.
• Building owner believed damage could not be repaired. Tecton enlisted restoration specialist to weld damaged areas.

Rossville Shelter

Tecton created a music stage for the community’s summer music festival, and increased the town’s ability to provide a meeting place for its citizens.
Office Renovation

Office Renovation

Earl and Hatcher Building

Renovation of office space. Addition of two public restrooms and tenant fit-out. Built walls and finished 2 rooms for “Step Ahead”. Placed 2 stair towers, repaired all windows and sprinkler system. Painted building exterior.

Reed and Company

Entire 2nd floor remodel, wood framing, all new mechanical and plumbing. Finished 1 stairwell.

John Purdue Block

River City Building



Tecton Construction: Deep Medical Office and Clinic Experience

Our medical experience runs very deep at Tecton. We have built numerous medical projects including: clinics, surgery centers, medical office suites and even hospital projects. Nothing in the medical arena is outside of our expertise.

We have an example of a medical clinic Tecton designed and built in which we saved an Owner over $720,000 from what a competitor charged for a similar project. We are proud to say that we are very comfortable in this market sector.

Tecton Gutted and Rebuilt a 30,000 Sq Ft Wabash Valley Alliance Facility Without Interrupting Patient Services.

We did a remodel downtown at 610 Main Street. That was the one that took 11 months. It was done after hours and we stayed open the whole time, but we did some pretty significant major reconstruction within that building.

Tecton manages the job very effectively, very efficiently and strives to protect you as the owner.

They do a very good job of managing the budget. They come in under budget.

– Rick Crawley, CEO
Wabash Valley Alliance

Tecton Saved Louck Family Medical Center $70,000 Before Construction Began.

We already had some ideas of how we wanted our building designed.Tecton told us, “This is where you’ll save money. If we do it this way, we can still give you all the things you want, and stay within your budget. And it doesn’t take away from the quality. It will make the building stand out more and make people notice.”

They opened our eyes to many different options.

- Kristen Louck, Co-Owner
Louck Family Medical Center

Tecton Completed Construction of Greater Lafayette Foot Care on Time, Even With Last Minute Changes.

We had a surprise when we found that one of the sinks in the drawings did not exist. We didn’t realize it until we actually got into the space and spent some time there.With only five days to opening, Tecton got in there and got that sink installed. They had to go into my neighbor below’s space for access. They had to work at night so it didn’t disrupt my fellow physicians in the office.

Not only were we on time, we stayed on budget.

- Dr. William Oliver, Owner
Greater Lafayette Foot Care

Casada Center Completed $400,000 Under Budget

The Cascada Center is a new, two-story medical office complex.

Tecton created a new mechanical flashing detail to help shed water and prevent its infiltration around the aluminum windows.

“The way Tecton designed it saved us $100,000 on our glass staircase alone.

“Tecton came at our project from a practical construction standpoint, and the architect from a design and flashy standpoint. We got cost savings and practicality along with design and flare.”

Stuart Boehning, Owner
Cascada Center

Lafayette Orthopaedic Clinic Completely Remodeled With No Interruption of Service to Patients.

“We had to do business while we were remodeling the whole first floor of the practice. Our biggest concern was to not interrupt patient care, comfort, and privacy.

“Every morning when we came in you’d never know they were there, other than something new had been accomplished. Everything was spotless, all cleaned up and put back where it needed to be. They did what they needed to do evenings and weekends. It never affected business.”

Doree Dunfee, Former Practice Administrator
“This was a project that myself and my six partners were dreading and had actually delayed for several years, because we had visions of people maneuvering through a construction site."

“Tecton worked odd hours to accommodate our busy practice. It was almost like little elves came in at night, did the work and left it as clean as it was the next day.”

Dr. Mark Page

Wabash Valley, Attica

New construction of wood frame single-story 3,000SF structure with multiple rooms and offices.

Wabash Valley, Delphi

The new 3,200SF, single-story facility consists of waiting rooms, workrooms and offices. A unique feature of this facility is a storm room near the staff work area. This room doubles as a file storage area, as well as a storm protection room for the staff and patients.

Wabash Valley Alliance – Medical Arts Building

Architect’s proposal for new waiting area and entry was considerably more expensive than the owner had budgeted. Tecton worked with the owner and sub contractors to deliver the owner’s vision at an affordable cost.

Wabash Valley Alliance – Otterbein

• Soil at site was unable to support the structure. Standard treatment for such situations is digging nine feet below the entire building, and hauling replacement material with greater bearing capacity to fill back in.
• Tecton’s innovative solution was to remove the bad surface soil, and treat the remaining earth with lime.
• This process saved considerable time and money.

Tecton Completes 12,000 Sq Ft Clarian Arnett Health Sleep Center in 60 Days

Even with this unheard of aggressive schedule, the project came in under budget.


Tecton Builds Industrial Facilities as Low as $20 / Square Foot

Some of the most cost effective structures are post frame (wood structure) and pre-engineered metal building system. Both of which can be conformed to a wide variety of uses.

Depending on the size of the building and the level of build-out required, Tecton has designed and built projects ranging from only $60/SF to as low as $20/SF.

Clay Critters

The Clay Critters facility is a 15,800 square foot, single story wood frame/wood truss system building shell constructed on a slab. The building is divided into office, plant, and storage areas.

The office area includes offices, kitchenette, break room, utility room, restrooms, and closets.

The plant area has a separate finishing room, curing room, and inspection room.

Circuit Board Manufacturing

This pre-engineered 20,000 sqft. building has an office area, 6 docks and 2 overhead doors.

Lafayette Printing

When the historical facade on this building needed attention, the building owners depended on Tecton’s reputation for matching the original construction materials in this flawless renovation.
High Tech

High Tech

Chao Center

Abandoned Warehouse Becomes High Tech Pharmaceutical Research Facility on Extremely Small Budget

Complete renovation of an existing 12,000SF warehouse. New building roof and exterior. New interior office spaces and clean front areas for pharmaceutical testing and manufacturing.

AC Engineering

New construction of Mechanical Engineering firm’s main headquarters. Expansive Class A interior and exterior detailing to a free-standing building with full basement.

CSPAN Archives

When the historical facade on this building needed attention, the building owners depended on Tecton’s reputation for matching the original construction materials in this flawless renovation.


New construction of 2-story plus basement high-tech office building.


Lafayette Family YMCA

Over 95,000 square feet of family fun, learning, and healthy lifestyle activities.  Basketball court, indoor track, swimming pool, state of the art exercise equipment, and a wellness center.  Two years of construction presented in 6 minutes.

YMCA Ivy Tech – Time Lapse Construction Video

Andrew Place

Bistro 501

Interior renovation of existing building to accommodate a restaurant. Renovation included kitchen, dining, vestibule, wait station, office and bar areas.

Sgt. Preston’s Banquet Facility

Complete gut and remodel of 7,500SF building. Exterior – new brick, windows, and roofing. Interior – new doors, complete kitchen hook-ups, 5 stall bathrooms, new ceilings, wainscot and oak trim.

Soller Baker Funeral Home

Addition of 4,144SF drive-through garage facility including 2,320SF attic storage area above garage.

YMCA Ivy Tech - Walls Going Up

YMCA Ivy Tech

The first walls going up for the YMCA Ivy Tech building.

YWCA Women's Shelter



Δ Τ Δ – Delta Tau Delta

21,500 Square Foot Complete Interior Renovation.

The money Tecton saved on this project allowed for the purchase of new furniture in all the student study rooms.

While Respecting the Heritage of the House, the New Interior is Completely Modern.

The Gamma Lambda Chapter was chartered in 1907, and until 1929 occupied a house on Vine Street.

The current Delt house on Northwestern Avenue, a beautiful facility, has aged gracefully. As you might imagine, though, after 75 years some corrective maintenance was required.

As with every interior remodel, Tecton is careful to work updates into the original design.

The new exterior doors blend blend seamlessly with the classic exterior construction.

The new interior walls, doors, and portals have been updated with contemporary electrical service, internet connections, and video wiring.

The dorm rooms, showers, student kitchen, and cafeteria are completely modern and comfortable.

Tecton installed a cutting edge VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) heating and air conditioning system, which offers higher efficiency ratings and solved limited space requirements, when compared to a conventional ducted split system.
Remodel includes all new:

• Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
• Sprinklers, Water Lines
• New Plumbing Fixtures
• New Electrical Service
• Heating & Air Conditioning
• Data / Networking
• Fire / Security
• Flooring
• Windows
• Doors / Hardware
• Complete Bathroom Upgrades
• Interior Framing
• Drywall
• Ceilings
• Paint

Ά Γ Δ – Alpha Gamma Delta

The renovation of Alpha Gamma Delta is notable for two reasons:
First, as always Tecton is careful to match replacement brick and stone to the original. Most people are unable to distinguish the replacement materials.

But second, Alpha Gamma Delta has for years fought a perennial issue of moisture in the basement. In the course of our work, Tecton isolated the issue and corrected the problem.

Κ Κ Γ – Kappa Kappa Gamma

6,000 Square Foot Addition with three floors of expansion.

The new addition to the Kappa Kappa Gamma house is three floors, with 2,000 feet of student rooms, common areas, and study areas on each floor.

Tecton is known for matching the original exterior brick and stone, but for this project we had to find a synthetic product to match the original Ross Stone, which had been manufactured locally at the Rostone plant.

We’re proud to have found a perfect match for the original decor.

Δ Χ – Delta Chi

Updated Air and Fire Protection

Building Renovation for Safety and Aesthetics

The Delta Chi house needed a new air conditioning system, and fire protection system. Tecton researched total house for most inconspicuous locations for new duct work and sprinkler lines, and successfully hid them.
We found innovative ways to locate the new mechanical equipment for the new air conditioning system.

  • The front entry and kitchen serving area have been completely remodeled.
  • We employed unique new highly durable products such as high impact drywall, rockcarpet flooring and Trespa counter tops
  • We finished the project with new carpet and paint over the entire interior.
  • All work was done during summer break with no disruption of student occupancy.
  • Project savings were returned to Owner.
  • Δ Δ Δ – Delta Delta Delta

    Α Γ Ρ – Alpha Gamma Rho

    Θ Ξ – Theta Xi

    Θ Τ – Theta Tau

    Σ Χ – Sigma Chi

    Φ Κ Ψ – Phi Kappa Psi

    Φ Δ Θ – Phi Delta Theta

    Β Σ Ψ – Beta Sigma Psi