GESC – Guaranteed Energy Savings Contracts

Aging Indiana schools, universities, municipalities and other public buildings can now finance capital improvements with the energy and operational cost savings those improvements will create.

It’s a proven, flexible, and cost effective way to pay for needed HVAC renovation and indoor environment quality without a large upfront investment of capital.

How Does GESC Work?

Under this program, the building owner established a formal agreement with Tecton to reduce the energy costs of a building or a group of buildings.

As a GESC provider, Tecton offers:

  • Integrated energy audit/feasibility study
  • Recommendations for improvement in operations and maintenance procedures
  • Design and engineering of capital modifications
  • Installation of capital modifications
  • Monitoring and reporting of savings

Tecton Construction Management is licensed by the State of Indiana and approved by the Department of Energy to perform Guaranteed Energy Savings Contracts.

Tecton’s owner and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) AP, Michael Witteveen, can explain the requirements of the GESC program. Call him at (765) 429-5232.