Louck Family Medical Center

Tecton Saved Louck Family Medical Center $70,000 Before Construction Began.

We already had some ideas of how we wanted our building designed.Tecton told us, “This is where you’ll save money. If we do it this way, we can still give you all the things you want, and stay within your budget. And it doesn’t take away from the quality. It will make the building stand out more and make people notice.”
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They opened our eyes to many different options.

– Kristen Louck, Co-Owner

Wabash Valley Alliance

We did a remodel downtown at 610 Main Street. That was the one that took 11 months. It was done after hours and we stayed open the whole time, but we did some pretty significant major reconstruction within that building.

Tecton manages the job very effectively, very efficiently and strives to protect you as the owner.

They do a very good job of managing the budget. They come in under budget.

– Rick Crawley, CEO